Havelock Island was named by the British after Major-General Sir Henry Havelock. Ironically, he was knighted for his role during the Indian Mutiny, 1857, which threatened to end British rule. His statue now stands in Trafalgar Square in London.

Most places on Havelock Island are designated by names and numbers. The Wild Orchid sits on Vijaynagar beach (Beach #5), 7 km from the jetty on the eastern side of the island.

The Jetty

Your first introduction to Havelock. Hustling and bustling at ferry arrival and departure times, full of fruit & vegetable sellers, coconut vendors and banana stealing goats. Otherwise a lazy meandering place dotted with small shops overlooking the crystal blue waters.

The Market (#3)

2 km from the jetty, the heartbeat of Havelock, timid and intermittent in the morning, full of life and determination after 3 pm. Here is where the action is - from bananas to bright lit sweet stalls, from fresh veggies to fresh fish, from cold drinks to barber shops...a place of simplicity and wonder.

Vijaynagar Beach (#5)

2 km from the market on the eastern side of the island is the home of The Wild Orchid - a long expanse of white sands that divides the lush tropical jungle and the aqua blue waters of the Andaman Sea. Its calm waters are both refreshing and relaxing. Here is where you can float in natural sea salts while surrounded by pristine nature. Still an undeveloped paradise, you can wander for miles undisturbed and in peace.

Radhanagar Beach (#7)

12 km from the market and 14 km from the jetty on the western side of the island. A great destination for a day trip and a picnic lunches. This picturesque beach is a photographer's dream - open seas, white sands, crashing waves and beautiful sunsets.

Elephant Beach

10 km west of the market. Another great day trip - either a 30 minute hike on a jungle path or a half hour boat trip brings you to this uninhabited beach with waters that are dotted with coral reefs and bright tropical sea life. A perfect snorkeling experience.

Kalapathar Beach

Follow the road 7km south from the market (5km from The Wild Orchid)).  On one side you have spectacular beach views and on the other pristine tropical forest…a delightful ride for nature lovers.  This secluded beach appears before the road turns into a picturesque village of bamboo huts and rice paddies.

Facts and Figures

Location: 50 km by sea from Port Blair

Area: 24 km long and 12 km wide

Population: 7,000